Why you need to find the best candidate IN the market not ON the market


When seeking to fill an executive role it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the best candidate is on the market actively seeking the position you need filled. While it can certainly work out that way in some cases, the truth is most of the time the best candidate is busy in the market doing what they do best.

To find the right person for the role, your recruitment process needs to go beyond passive advertising and move into the realm of executive search (often referred to as “headhunting”) where you actively seek out the best candidate.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why you need to find the best candidate in the market not on the market.

  1. A passive approach doesn’t work in a candidate’s market

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a power shift in the recruitment game. Now in a candidate’s market, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the usual recruitment approach is no longer working.

With competition for securing the best talent fierce in many sectors, you can no longer rely on the passive approaches and tools that have always been used. To get the best talent, you must seek it out and have a process that ensures candidates are highly engaged.

  1. The recruitment process is more effective and efficient

When you embark on an executive search, candidates are sought based on clear and detailed criteria. Here at Arete Executive, we create a Performance Profile, which goes beyond a position description to drill down and understand exactly what a person needs to do in the first 3,6, 12 months in order to be successful in the role.

Executive candidates engage in opportunities where they know they will be successful

– facing similar challenges or objectives they have successfully overcome before,

and where they are motivated to do it again and a role that will stretch them.

Ideal candidates are found through a number of identification and sourcing methods, where they are then contacted and lead through the recruitment process. An executive search specialist will have the expertise to engage effectively with these passive candidates and entice them towards an opportunity of interest. The result is a high calibre of candidates that all are capable of success in the role.

Placing a recruitment advertisement where you can get a hundred or more unsuitable applicants you have to sort through, with most not suiting your needs, can’t compare.

  1. Ability to target Diversity

Many of our clients actively want to increase the diversity of their leadership team – gender and/or cultural diversity.  A research based executive search campaign enables our team to support you to reach your diversity targets. At Arete Executive we work with you to identify and engage the best talent within your search parameters.

  1. Discretion required!

In some instances, discretion may be needed in your recruitment process – for example, due to a restructure or performance issues.

Alternatively, you may need to be discreet prior to launching a new product or service. Needless to say confidentiality is crucial during these times. With traditional methods of recruitment being very public, this more discreet approach can ensure that competitors or other interested parties are not alerted.

A confidential executive search does not include advertising and it is very targeted. Potential and interested candidates are asked to complete a Confidentiality Agreement prior to our Associates divulging who the organisation is and the details of the role.


Executive Search provides total peace of mind that you will secure the best candidate for the role,

not just a candidate that applies for the role. 

Put simply it’s too big a risk to consider anything else.

Are you looking for the best candidate in the market or on the market? Contact Fiona Cochran or Sally-Anne Blanshard today on 07 3010 9220 to identify, engage, connect and secure the best talent IN the market for your business.


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