New Financial Year Update

BAS Boardroom April BNE40894As we launch into the new financial year  Arete Executive is enjoying a very busy period, both in terms of our executive recruitment services, and also our career coaching and advocacy.  In my discussions with CEOs and Chairs, the job market in South East Queensland still seems to be slower than in Sydney and Melbourne.  That said, there is still a reasonable amount of hiring going on across most sectors other than Mining (which remains fairly stagnant from a recruitment perspective).

Why you should never use LinkedIn’s default connection request

A key element of the enormous value of LinkedIn is that it provides you with a platform for a targeted job search.

Ten years ago, it was much, much harder to find people who were working for your dream employer.

Today, you can find those people in a few seconds. LinkedIn gives you a means to contact them and begin to build a professional relationship.

But…you realise you’re not the only person who’s going to be contacting them, don’t you?

You realise they’re probably getting connection requests every day, right?

Especially if they work for a great company that lots of people would like to work for.

So it’s vital that your approach is as professional and engaging as possible.

Why you need to identify your Employers of Choice

I’ve often talked about the failings of the recruitment industry, despite the fact that I and many other good people strive for the highest standards of professionalism.

But we don’t talk enough about what candidates can do to be professional in their dealings with us.

When I’m working with job seekers – either as a career coaching client or as an applicant for a job I’m recruiting – I find it frustrating when they can’t identify their employers of choice.

It’s like asking someone what they want to eat, and they say “Anything will do.” That bugs me because I can’t pick up the phone and order ”anything” from my local takeaway. It also bugs me because it shows there’s no thought going into it.

And your career deserves lots of thought!

Recent Lessons from some of Australia’s Top Leaders

by Richard Triggs

For those that don’t know me, I’m the Managing Partner of a Brisbane based executive recruitment company, Arete Executive. I’ve also recently launched the Arete Podcast, where I interview leading CEOs, Non Executive Directors and other leaders about their careers, key achievements, lessons learnt along the way and so on. The motivation for the podcast is to allow those who aspire to achieving similar career success, to learn from those who have walked the path before them, in order to hopefully accelerate their own careers.

I thought for this article I would summarise some of the key learnings from my early guests; those that I found most interesting and pertinent.

LinkedIn can build your confidence for job searching

girl power super heroI am frequently speaking with people who are not currently employed.

Their current situation has come about for all sorts of reasons.

They may have been made redundant due to a contracting industry, difficult economic conditions or a company failure.

They may have taken a voluntary redundancy, sometimes cashing in a payout to fund a new business.

They might have had to relocate for family reasons, away from their previous employer.

They may have been terminated. Hey, it’s happened to me and, truth be told, it’s happened to plenty of people.

Endorsements Rule!

ENDORSEDWhy you should be Endorsing people on LinkedIn

I’ve talked a lot about search-optimising your profile recently, and in my last article I mentioned the area of LinkedIn Endorsements.

I understand that many people don’t like these Endorsements, mainly because anyone who is connected to you can endorse you for a skill.

Regardless of whether they’ve ever worked with you or you’ve done work for them.

That does seem to devalue the whole thing.

But I’ve actually changed my mind about the overall value of Endorsements.

And I want to encourage you to give them.

Why I rank No. 1 in Australia on LinkedIn

number 1In my previous article, I wrote about how to search-optimise your LinkedIn profile, to make sure you are found when recruiters are searching to fill an unadvertised role.

I want to give you an example of this in action, so you can understand how to apply these principles for yourself.

If you search on LinkedIn for “executive search” in Australia, my profile will appear at the top of the search results.

And if you search for “career coach” in Australia, my profile will again appear at the top of the list.

Please take a moment to do this search, putting “executive search” and “Australia” into an Advanced search (located at the right of the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn page). As you’ll see, I am currently ranked No. 1 in Australia.

Market Update with Richard Triggs – week ending 28 August 2015

Video Blog from Richard Triggs, Managing Partner, Arete Executive

* Market update

* Active Jobs

* Events

Why the Zero Moment of Truth is vital to your job search

Shining arbitrary light bulb on orangeHave you read  Winning the Zero Moment of Truth by Google’s Jim Lecinski? I highly recommend you do.

You might think it’s an odd choice for an executive recruiter to recommend to job seekers. Here’s why this book – and its compelling message – is a really valuable aid in your job search.

I’ve written before about why job ads have disappeared to make you aware that the majority (some say 90%) of jobs are now filled by recruiters and companies searching the LinkedIn database to find their preferred candidates.

Why recruiters won’t help you find your next job

businessman looking to falling question marks

In my previous article about how to decide your next career move, I introduced the concept of the four quadrants of the job market.

Here’s the diagram again.

job quadrantI suggested that your career planning should involve you exploring all the possibilities of Quadrants Two, Three and Four. I want you to give careful thought to what other roles you could do within your current industry; and what other industries you could bring value to.

This is all about transferable skills and it’s really valuable for you to be able to demonstrate HOW your experience can transfer into other roles and into other industries

How to decide your next career move

New Career

When I first sit down with a new career coaching client, I always start by asking “What’s your job of choice and who’s your employer of choice?”

I ask this for two reasons.

One, I really want to make sure that I steer my client into their dream role. I don’t want them to take any old job. I want them to be in the role where they can bring the most value.

How you can grow your professional network from 70 to 400 in 30 days

In my work aCartoon version of social networks an executive recruiter and career coach, I frequently counsel my coaching clients on proactive steps they can take to speed up the process of finding a new position.

Tapping into your existing network can be a valuable way to learn about potential new roles. Every day, for all sorts of reasons, there are changes at a company that could result in a job opening. Getting the “inside running” on that opening can give you a huge advantage.

In fact, it’s been my experience that the majority of jobs have always been filled in more informal ways.

Why companies don’t advertise jobs anymore

Blog 1I’ve worked in the executive recruitment space for more than 12 years now, identifying and engaging C-suite and senior management employees for my clients.

In this time I’ve worked with thousands of candidates and I’m often asked “where did all the job advertisements go?!”

If you’re in the job market right now – or think you soon might be – you need to understand exactly why and how the job market has changed.