Rob Seljak – CEO – TUH Health Fund

headshotTUH Health Fund CEO, Robert Seljak, talks: The green line, aligning values, being passionate and trekking and travelling.

Rob Seljak is the CEO of TUH Health Fund, a Brisbane based non-for-profit organisation established in 1972 by the Queensland Teacher’s Union. Since then, TUH has expanded to all union members and was one of the fastest growing health funds in Australia over the past two years. Prior to joining TUH as CEO in 2005, Rob was the General Manager of Insurance WorkCover NSW and General Manager of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Rob’s leadership strategy is underpinned by ideas around social justice, community service; aligning his values with those of the organisation he leads and the positive engagement of people. Rob sits on the board of four industry organisations also as Director of Hillbrook Anglican School and as Director of a community board in Sanford where he lives.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Rob’s parents were immigrants who fled Slovenia after WW2. The second eldest of five children, he was raised in a close family, however, after finishing a law degree travelled around the world for a long while before settling in Australia where he has remained for the past 25 years. Rob has an interesting story to share, one which sees him travel to Nigeria to teach at a carpentry school, then to Kenya and to many other third world countries as a young man before he met an Australian girl, his wife, while trekking through Nepal.

Rob is someone who believes studying a subject one is passionate about leads to bigger and better pathways. He earned a Bachelor of Laws at Queens University, Ontario, and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. He later obtained a Masters of Business from Queensland University of Technology.

Rob has two grown daughters who share his adventurous spirit — one is currently in Sweden studying a post graduate degree while the other has just returned home from living in New York. Rob lives in Samford with his wife.


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