Rob Goudswaard – CEO of Credit Union Australia

Rob Goudswaard – CEO of Credit Union Australia – on the importance of being vulnerable and having self awareness, managing a farm and his love of cricket.

It’s always fascinating to have guests on the Arete Podcast who are relatively new to their roles, particularly CEOs. The initial period of understanding the culture of an organisation and establishing and implementing strategy is an exciting time filled with many challenges and opportunities. Capturing conversations with CEOs and hearing their unique insights in the early stages is for me, highly enjoyable and of great value to upcoming executives and aspiring CEOs.

I sat down with Rob Goudswaard 12 months into his role as CEO of Credit Union Australia. It was a great pleasure to have Rob on the Arete Podcast. He is an extroverted individual, an engaging story teller who shared his career experiences and milestones with both energy and passion. Raised in Melbourne, Rob is the eldest son of two immigrant parents from Holland and spoke only his native Dutch tongue until he was five.

Religion was at the heart of Rob’s childhood, an upbringing which continues to underpin his big picture approach and inform his role as Director of World Vision Australia. Serving the community continues to be central to Rob’s story. He is a dynamic individual who has an impressive portfolio of  involvement in various community and industry initiatives. Rob is a Former Non-Executive Director of a number of committees such as Places Victoria. His keen interest in the agri industry extends to managing his own 1200 acre cattle and sheep farm and tree plantation in Alexandra, Victoria.

Rob has extensive experience in the banking and financial sector in Australia and overseas. Prior to joining Credit Union Australia he was the Director of the Rural Finance Corporation Victoria and Chairman of the Young Farmer’s Finance Council. He studied a Bachelor of Economics at La Trobe University before building his career from the ground up, starting out as a lender with ANZ, completing many professional development courses as he’s progressed through his career. Rob went on to hold a number of senior positions at ANZ over many years including: Managing Director Regional, Rural & Small Business Banking, General Manager, ANZ Pacific and Personal Banking Asia, and Chief Operating Officer, Small to Medium Business Australia and New Zealand. Rob is also a Director of Cuscal Ltd.


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