Leith Boully – Chair of Sunwater, Non Executive Director

Leith BoullyLeith Boully has recently been appointed as Chair of Sunwater, a Queensland Government Owned Corporation that  owns and manages around $7 billion in water infrastructure assets and supplies approximately 40% of all water used commercially in Queensland.  Leith comes from a farming background, and spent four years in her early career living and working in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.  Over the last 15 plus years, she has built a reputation as a highly competent and sought after board director, predominantly in agribusiness and natural resources management.  It’s a great conversation, as Leith talks about how her board career has naturally unfolded over time, and how she assesses new board opportunities to ensure they are a good fit for her and visa versa.

Her current board appointments include Chairman of Sunwater, the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, the Boards of Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited, Isis Central Sugar Mill and the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. She is also a member of the Australian Water Partnership committee and the Qld Water Expert Panel.

Leith was formerly Chairman of Healthy Waterways and Wide Bay Water Corporation, and a Director of Seqwater. A former National Water Commissioner, she has been involved in water resource management at local, state and national levels for more than 25 years, with extensive experience in community engagement, governance, and research and development.

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