Paul Pisasale — Mayor of the City of Ipswich

headshot-ppPeople Person, Paul Pisasale — Mayor of the City of Ipswich — Talks Purpose Over Position, Keeping it Real & Nurturing Pride

Paul Pisasale is the first ever Mayor to be hosted on the Arete Podcast. Richard doesn’t spend a lot of time, if any, in the company of politicians and wasn’t sure what to expect but was extremely impressed with Paul; especially his energy, enthusiasm and sincerity for the role he’s playing as Mayor of the City of Ipswich in Queensland. They shared a fascinating conversation, which highlighted how Paul is a man of passion and integrity and one who is committed to delivering value to his constituency.

Paul is celebrating over 25 years in local government, having first being elected to local council in 1991 and appointed Deputy Mayor in 2000. He has been elected as Mayor for four consecutive terms and during the last two elections won an astonishing 85 per cent of the primary vote: a testament to both his popularity and effectiveness as a leader. Under his leadership Ipswich is the fastest growing region in Queensland and in 2015 was nominated as one of the Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year globally. Paul genuinely views his role as Mayor as a critical responsibility to the people of Ipswich. He has a particularly active interest in business and youth initiatives, community organisations and employment enterprises and is Patron and Ambassador of over 70 organisations.

Paul was born in Brisbane to Sicilian parents, who raised five children: three boys and two girls. The family relocated to Ipswich before Paul turned one and he has spent his entire life in the city. Paul’s father instilled in his children the value of education and Paul was subsequently the first member of his family to complete university and receive a degree. He owned a hotel and restaurant in Ipswich for many years before he began approaching local council with ideas for the growth and economic development of the city. It wasn’t long before Paul decided to run for council and was elected, igniting his long and extremely successful career.



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