Page Maxson – Former CEO – Australia Pacific LNG

3255b45Page Maxson Former CEO of Australia Pacific LNG and Non Executive Director Queensland Symphony Orchestra  talks the importance of community, following the rules, clean energy and finding a home away from home.

Page Maxson is the Former CEO of Australia Pacific LNG, the Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia; Chairman of the business advisory council at the Ipswich North Precinct and is on the board of Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Page joined ConocoPhillips in 1988 and worked with the organisation globally for many years, including in Houston, Norway, Indonesia, West Texas and Libya.

Born in Oklahoma in the US in the 1960s, Page was raised as one of five children on a small property. His father was a research engineer at Conoco Phillips and his mother stayed at home to raise the family. After completing high school, Page attended Oklahoma State University and immediately after completing a Bachelor of Science and Civil Engineering moved on to a Masters of Business at the University of Texas. An entrepreneur at heart, Page self funded his way through university by working as a lab technician and with money he had saved from a small but successful agricultural business he began in high school. After completing university, Page worked as a consultant for many years before seeking out an opportunity at Conoco Phillips at the age of 28. Page relocated to Australia and joined Australia Pacific LNG in 2010.

Page is an avid golfer and loves to sail. He last lived in the U.S 17 years ago but plans to retire in the near future and will return to his home in Austin, Texas.


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