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glen carlson HEADSHOTGlen Carlson Big Picture Thinker & Entrepreneur on Thought Leadership, Cultivating Personal Brand & Sailing Around the World.

An award winning entrepreneur and expert in small business, marketing and advertising,

Glen Carlson in Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dent Global — an organisation renowned for its Key Person of Influence Program and acknowledged by as one of the best personal branding conferences in the world. The KPI Accelerator Program, a 40 week business growth and personal brand accelerator, has also been recognised by a number of prominent media outlets both in Australia and internationally, such as the Financial Review and Forbes magazine. Since 2011, Glen has built his business into the ninth fastest growing company in Australia. His belief there has never been a better time to build a global business and personal brand doing something you love, is central to his success story. Glen is indeed someone who is energised by his career. A big picture thinker, Glen is a zeitgeist leader who takes innovative approaches to business and strategy.

Glen’s story is one of an unconventional childhood and adventure. He was born in Nowra NSW, but spent his formative years sailing around the world with his parents. For seven years, Glen lived on a yacht his father built, experiencing a vast array of cultures and communities in over 46 countries and being schooled via distance education. He returned to Australia aged 14 and finished his education at Maroochydore State High School on QLD’s Sunshine Coast, but his early travels are inherent in his dynamic character and global perspective. Glen’s entrepreneurial spirit and results driven approach to business saw him drop out of university, relocate to the UK and start his first business, Triumphant Events. Before establishing Dent Global, Glen took some time out in Bali where he founded Ticket-Tribe, an online marketing, ticketing and event promotion service for festivals, concerts and other events in South East Asia. Glen has also previously worked as Head of Online Strategy for e-commerce retailer Surfer Girl, growing their Facebook followers to 1.4 million and increasing retail sales by 50 per cent.

Glen is now based in Australia and lives in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, but still takes sailing trips with his father when he has the time.


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