Episode 91 – Fiona Berkin – CEO, Morris Corporation

Fiona Berkin, CEO of Morris Corporation on delegating, having a vision, being driven, integrity and the three Bs.

“There are no shortcuts, it takes hard work, and eventually you will reap the rewards. It’s not so important how you get the results as long as there is integrity; the processes aren’t so important it’s the results that count,” Fiona Berkin, CEO Morris Corporation.

Fiona Berkin is the CEO of Morris Corporation, Australia’s leading privately owned remote village and asset management specialist. Fiona shares her  fascinating story of cutting her teeth in the hospitality industry before joining Morris Corporation in 1997 as a marketing assistant. Just a year after  joining the company, Fiona was promoted to the role of Group Business Development Manager and in 2004 was appointed CEO. Under Fiona’s stewardship, the company experienced vast growth, in some years experiencing triple digit growth percentages, in revenue, profit and employee numbers. Between 2005 and 2011, Morris Corporation skyrocket to number seven on the Q400 (Queensland’s Top 400 Privately Owned Businesses) list. 

Fiona has now worked for Morris Corporation for almost 20 years. She has a Bachelor of International Business and achieved an MBA from Griffith University with distinction. She also has a postgraduate in Korean language from Korea University, a private university in Seoul. Fiona is a member of Safer Together’s senior leadership group and sits on the board of the Mines and Metals Association Australia. In early 2017, Fiona was named as a finalist in the Women In Industry Excellence in Mining award.

The eldest of three children, she was raised on a farm in South Australia where she finished school dux of economics, biology and english. The death of a close friend when Fiona was 16 prompted her to leave school and move to Queensland to pursue a business career.

“I got off the plane and knew I wasn’t ever going home.”

The move proved fateful for Fiona: she kicked off her career as hotel receptionist but in just three months, 17-year-old Fiona was promoted to a management role.

“I’ve always had an inherent drive…in any job the decisions I’ve made have always been based on what’s best for the business. It’s just a natural thing that I do…”

Fiona lives in Queensland.


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