Episode 84 – Andrew Bycroft – Founder & CEO – The Security Artist

Cyber intelligence expert Andrew Bycroft talks building cyber resilience, the importance of education, avid reading, passion-purpose-pivot and his love of Sunday roast.

Andrew Bycroft is a cyber risk and cyber crime specialist, and the founder and CEO of Security Artist, an agency which helps companies secure their online presence, and negate the impacts of and manage public image in the event of a cyber breach. Andrew began his career studying physics before moving into information technology. After graduating from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Science with honours in upper atmospheric physics, he held a number of operational roles in the IT space and business development roles, before deciding at an early age he wanted to start his own business. Andrew now consults to a broad range of organisations including a number of ASX 200 listed companies, leading them on a path to cyber resilience.

“Typically I believe we’ve thrown a lot of technology at the problem of cyber crime, we’ve actually tried to fight it with science, and I see that as a failure. I see the problem as being more cultural and therefore we need to take an artistic approach.”

Born in Melbourne Australia, Andrew was the eldest of three children and was raised in a poor family. Struggling economically throughout childhood was an experience which formed Andrew’s career aspirations and the path he ultimately followed.

“There were times when we struggled to get enough food to eat and we certainly didn’t have any of the standards which were apparent at the time (in the 70s), for us they were luxuries; things like TV and radio – I actually saw them as being an aspiration. I wanted to be a part of that and also seeing the potential for creative freedom to be able to express yourself however you liked, especially when I first witnessed what a computer could do, that really fascinated me,” he said.

Andrew founded Security Artist in 2013 and is also the author of The Cyber Intelligent Executive. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


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