Colin Clerke – Managing Director – Beyond Business

Colin Clerke: Managing Director of Beyond Business talks getting real, knowing how to dream, being drawn over driven, creative tension and looking in the mirror.

Colin Clerke is a sought-after executive coach and the Managing Director of Beyond Business, an organisation that provides high performance and transformational corporate coaching programs predominantly with individuals in senior executive and leadership roles. Arete Executive Managing Partner, Richard Triggs, has known Colin for more than 10 years, having been personally coached by him and having referred him to individuals within the Arete team, and to leaders and executives Australia wide. Richard and Colin have also previously collaborated on facilitating A Weekend in Good Company, a workshop and forum designed to assist senior leaders reach their full potential. The success of the workshop has inspired a series of regular monthly breakfast meetings – In Good Company – in Brisbane, based upon the same framework, for C-suite executives, chairs and senior leaders; connecting them with their peers under the facilitation of Colin to help them drive both their personal success and the success of the organisations which they lead.

Honest, astute and perceptive, Colin has led a fascinating life and is someone who knows how to harness his creativity to flourish personally and professionally. An architect by trade, Colin ventured to India in his twenties and describes himself as a young man as an “enthusiastic seeker”. He retreated from the professional sphere for many years to pursue a period of “alternate exploration,” living on a farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. After spending 10 years there and watching “his 1000th sunset,” Colin decided it was time to pursue a corporate career and he became the founding director of the Tilbury Group in Melbourne and worked as a Senior Business Development Manager for KPMG.

Looking to the future and to the purpose of the In Good Company workshops Colin said:

“I’ve always felt called to teach and be good company for others, I’ve always endeavoured to be that. To stand up in front of a group of powerful CEOs and industry leaders is a challenge for me and I’m looking forwards to that. Being able to communicate honestly and truthfully and give them a sense of where I am really at and what I really love and being able to hear the same from them. I don’t have a sense of being above or below, it’s a gathering of like minds. I know there is something in them they want addressed or given room to hear or to be seen — we’ve all got challenges. I think that’s what they’ll bring to this kind of forum… a senior leadership they want to grow.”

Colin lives in Northern NSW and still regularly travels to India.


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If you would like to learn more about the In Good Company program contact Richard Triggs on or Mob: 0403 588 517.

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