Amelia Hodge – CEO, Non Executive Director


Amelia Hodge, Former CEO Queensland Law Society talks: Her jigsaw career, turning points, backing yourself and her passion for renovating.

When you sit down with Amelia Hodge you can’t help but notice the word ‘fun’ arises many times throughout the conversation. It is indeed a good word to describe Amelia as she is a high achiever,  a go-getter; someone who is energetic and genuinely passionate about all of her professional responsibilities, as well as her many interests outside of work.

Amelia has had a highly interesting career. After earning law qualifications she began her own business and worked across a range of industries, predominantly in relation to infrastructure and development.  She is currently the CEO of the Australian Property Institute and formerly CEO of Queensland Law Society, a professional membership body for approximately 12.5 thousand Queensland lawyers and she is also a Non Executive Director of Lexon Insurance, Artisan (Craft Queensland) and Transmax.

Amelia enjoyed a “typical Australian childhood,” growing up near the bay area on Brisbane’s Northside. The eldest of three girls, the sisters lived near a farm and were kept busy with extra curricular activities. Amelia attended St Flannan’s primary school and completed her secondary education at St Rita’s College Clayfield. Amelia “couldn’t wait” to get into the workforce, admitting she was ready to leave school in grade 10.

Upon completing grade 12, Amelia commenced her law degree part-time while working as a law clerk for a local firm. Known to be impatient, Amelia was eager to finish her degree and ultimately completed a six year degree in five years. In her mid twenties she established a boutique mobile conveyancing property law practice. It was a courageous career move spurred on by one of her grandmother’s favourite adages: jump first and the net will appear.

Amelia has a Bachelor of Laws and postgraduate degree in property economics both from Queensland University of Technology. She is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a graduate of Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. She also received an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Amelia lives in Brisbane and is a mum to two children. She is a “mad house renovator,” and currently lives in her 16th house to date.



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