All I want for Christmas… is a new job!


Many of us arrive at the festive season wondering how the year has flown by so quickly. Between our work commitments and our everyday world of family we hit the end of year with a sudden thud!

The year has got away from us yet again. Many make a new years’ resolution that they will not continue with the pace of the previous year or will change companies or seek a promotion. The reality is that for a large percentage the change doesn’t come. We get stuck in the cycle and continue as we have done the previous year.

So how can we make 2017 different?

For those in Australia, a large portion will be taking annual leave from the 23rd December through to early January – An annual ritual to share time with family, friends and enjoy the downturn in the corporate market. A large portion of companies will be on a skeleton staff through to 9th January if not later.

What a great time to put together your own personal strategic plan.

If you want to change your career in 2017 then plan it. I meet with so many executives who want to change but they don’t know what they want to do.

They know they would like to be stretched from their current role but are vague on what their new role will look like.

They know they want to work for a new organisation but they don’t know who.

Like any strategic plan you need to know where you want to be in the next three years. What does your career look like, who are you working for, what type of projects or challenges are you working on.

Only once you have started to contemplate the future can you put together your implementation plan and take your career into your own hands.

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