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Arete Executive is a true Executive Search specialist.   A boutique “headhunter”, Arete identifies who’s who in the marketplace, engages with high-calibre candidates and connects them to their employer of choice.  Working with a Performance-Based Hiring methodology, we attract highly-renowned leaders to business critical senior management and executive roles for our clients. We pursue both active and passive candidates across Australia and the world to produce an extensive, targeted candidate list for each assignment. Simply, we listen to our clients and canvas the entire market to bring them the most skilled person for the job.

With unrivalled experience, the Arete Executive Partners  have their fingers on the pulse of Australian business having built strong networks with executive leaders across a wide range of industries including:  mining & mining services, energy oil and gas, property and construction, supply chain & logistics sectors and C-suite roles e.g.: CEO, CFO, MD.  We are a trusted strategic advisor, providing our clients with invaluable market intelligence.


Our team is drawn from the senior ranks of the recruitment industry bringing many years of experience, knowledge and tenacity – this means shorter, targeted searches with better results.  Arete has the advantage of a dedicated “world’s best practice” research team which is able to identify exceptional talent, whether they are actively looking or not.  We use market leading technology to map the market so that every potential candidate is captured for each specific role. LEARN MORE


Arete’s unique methodology allows us to firstly source, then engage, the top tier of executive talent for our clients.  The market intelligence gathered during the headhunting phase is relayed back to the client, providing valuable insights on the potential candidates’ perception of the role and the company.  This methodology, combined with our dedicated Associate Partners, allows us to produce a list of highly-skilled and ready-to-be-interviewed candidates within 20 days – guaranteed. LEARN MORE


It’s Arete’s job to know our client’s business, the industry it works in and its culture.   We stand by tried and tested Performance-Based Hiring as it’s a proven Executive search tool that delivers results without the risk.  We work closely with our clients to define the role and after in-depth candidate interviews, provide them with a comprehensive talent pool.  It’s this unique process which allows us to connect leading talent to our clients. With strong exposure and relationships in the marketplace, we are focused on always adding value for our clients beyond recruitment.  As trusted strategic advisors, we actively strive to connect our executive partners with others in the market and provide strategic support and services.

We believe that like all businesses, ours is built upon reputation, trust and long-term relationships. We encourage you to talk to anyone with whom we have worked, as clients, candidates, service providers or colleagues. Ask them what it’s like to work with us. You’ll find that as individuals and as a team, we observe and adhere to the highest quality standards of professionalism in our work and expect the same level of professionalism in our clients and candidates. LEARN MORE

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Our Executives

Richard Triggs

Managing Partner

Tim Wallis

Lead Research & Sourcing Consultant

Yasser Bahsoun

Associate Partner