Tim Dwyer Interview – Building A Brand Ready For Growth

I spoke in this episode of the Arete Podcast to Tim Dwyer, business growth specialist, mentor and leader, about building a solid foundation, how to avoid recruiting mistakes, and investing in future growth.

Tim’s philosophy is that good business is about creating the most amount of value in the shortest amount of time.

He says a lot of people start a business with grandeur in mind but end up lost along the way because of simple mistakes.

Tim is currently the Managing Director of Sunshine Coast-based Shirlaws Group and Group Partner at Business Of Brand and Growth Metrics. All three companies offer expert business consulting on everything from basic foundations, to sales and revenue, and consistent growth.

I’m sure you’ll find this episode as interesting as I did…

Episode highlights:

  • Tim’s background and current involvement – Business Of Brand Group, Growth Metrics, Shirlaws Group
  • How Shirlaws, Business Of Brand and Growth Metrics work together to help enterprises grow
  • The importance of creating rock solid business foundations
  • Types of businesses – lifestyle business, townhouse business, sizeable business (corporate and land developers i.e. franchisees)
  • Business growth and the problems that can come from growing organically
  • Common problems of business – process, cultural and people issues
  • Corporate business – ensuring as your business scales, so do your suppliers
  • Musts for a successful business: foundations, culture and community
  • What makes up a good business culture? Responsibility, respect and removing bad culture
  • Recruitment mistakes – wrong types of people at the wrong time
  • Finding cracks in your structure – every business is leaking money in time, in capacity, capability, margin, and sales opportunities
  • Growing your business with a CEO
  • Standing out from the crowd as a CEO
  • Understanding how growth works – sales growth, margin growth and strategic growth
  • The next lot of economic growth by 2031 – businesses need to look at where they can grow in the future rather than just concentrating on what they’re doing well now
  • Business Of Brand – overarching context to business
  • Growth Metrics – gives a solid foundation for growth to happens
  • Tim’s personal life – golf, skiing and boats

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Tim’s Website 

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