New Year, New Career – 6 tips for the Executive seeking a career move

You’ve said goodbye to 2017, had a Christmas break and decided that 2018 will be the year of change. So, what can you do to ensure that you do have the best opportunity for a new career role?

First and foremost, realise now, more than ever, we have the tools at our disposal to get proactive, take control, “know more people” and open that hidden door to the next role.

1.    If you haven’t already done so, read Richard Triggs Book, “Uncover the Hidden Job Market, How to find and win your next Senior Executive role.”   

2.    When you apply to a job advertisement, it’s probably already too late. 

Colin Clerke – Managing Director – Beyond Business

Colin Clerke: Managing Director of Beyond Business talks getting real, knowing how to dream, being drawn over driven, creative tension and looking in the mirror.

Colin Clerke is a sought-after executive coach and the Managing Director of Beyond Business, an organisation that provides high performance and transformational corporate coaching programs predominantly with individuals in senior executive and leadership roles. Arete Executive Managing Partner, Richard Triggs, has known Colin for more than 10 years, having been personally coached by him and having referred him to individuals within the Arete team, and to leaders and executives Australia wide. Richard and Colin have also previously collaborated on facilitating A Weekend in Good Company, a workshop and forum designed to assist senior leaders reach their full potential. The success of the workshop has inspired a series of regular monthly breakfast meetings – In Good Company – in Brisbane, based upon the same framework, for C-suite executives, chairs and senior leaders; connecting them with their peers under the facilitation of Colin to help them drive both their personal success and the success of the organisations which they lead.

Honest, astute and perceptive, Colin has led a fascinating life and is someone who knows how to harness his creativity to flourish personally and professionally. An architect by trade, Colin ventured to India in his twenties and describes himself as a young man as an “enthusiastic seeker”. He retreated from the professional sphere for many years to pursue a period of “alternate exploration,” living on a farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. After spending 10 years there and watching “his 1000th sunset,” Colin decided it was time to pursue a corporate career and he became the founding director of the Tilbury Group in Melbourne and worked as a Senior Business Development Manager for KPMG.

Looking to the future and to the purpose of the In Good Company workshops Colin said:

“I’ve always felt called to teach and be good company for others, I’ve always endeavoured to be that. To stand up in front of a group of powerful CEOs and industry leaders is a challenge for me and I’m looking forwards to that. Being able to communicate honestly and truthfully and give them a sense of where I am really at and what I really love and being able to hear the same from them. I don’t have a sense of being above or below, it’s a gathering of like minds. I know there is something in them they want addressed or given room to hear or to be seen — we’ve all got challenges. I think that’s what they’ll bring to this kind of forum… a senior leadership they want to grow.”

Colin lives in Northern NSW and still regularly travels to India.


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All I want for Christmas… is a new job!


Many of us arrive at the festive season wondering how the year has flown by so quickly. Between our work commitments and our everyday world of family we hit the end of year with a sudden thud!

The year has got away from us yet again. Many make a new years’ resolution that they will not continue with the pace of the previous year or will change companies or seek a promotion. The reality is that for a large percentage the change doesn’t come. We get stuck in the cycle and continue as we have done the previous year.

Sell me don’t Tell me!

I find it hard to sell myself.

I know I’m good at what I do, but sales – it’s just not me.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this from candidates, highly accomplished individuals who have been paid handsomely to do what they do! However when they find themselves looking for a new role whether because of redundancy or choice they find it hard to sell themselves in their resume, LinkedIn profile and in an interview.

Today I want to focus on selling yourself in your resume. I’ve been reviewing a substantial number of senior finance resumes today and in general I have to HUNT for information about what the candidates have done in their past roles. Candidates have a tendency to think a recruiter wants to read their position description.

The thought of networking makes me sick!


Talking with a coaching client last week we were strategising ways they could aim to meet their potential employers of choice. I started asking about their industry networking events and they turned to me and said…

“The thought of networking makes me sick! Walking into a room of people I probably don’t know and coming up with small talk is worse than going to the dentist!”

Having coached hundreds of executives on getting their next career opportunity or board role this comment is not uncommon. However as an executive the art of networking is one that you need to conquer as there will be many situations where you need to make small talk and try and engage with complete strangers.

Networking does come more naturally to some more than others. So how can we make it less painful and more enjoyable?

Why you need to identify your Employers of Choice

I’ve often talked about the failings of the recruitment industry, despite the fact that I and many other good people strive for the highest standards of professionalism.

But we don’t talk enough about what candidates can do to be professional in their dealings with us.

When I’m working with job seekers – either as a career coaching client or as an applicant for a job I’m recruiting – I find it frustrating when they can’t identify their employers of choice.

It’s like asking someone what they want to eat, and they say “Anything will do.” That bugs me because I can’t pick up the phone and order ”anything” from my local takeaway. It also bugs me because it shows there’s no thought going into it.

And your career deserves lots of thought!

How LinkedIn can build your confidence for job searching

In my career coaching practice, I frequently work with people who are not currently employed.

This has come about for all sorts of reasons. They may have been made redundant due to a contracting industry, difficult economic conditions or a change in company direction.

They may have taken a voluntary redundancy, sometimes cashing in a payout to fund a new business.

They might have had to relocate for family reasons, away from their previous employer.

They may have been terminated. The common thread is that being unemployed is a really difficult situation.

We are conditioned to value ourselves based on our career success, which sets us up for struggle when our career isn’t going well.

And of course, we’re in a world where we need to earn money to support ourselves and our loved ones.

An Executive recruiter’s top tip for nailing the job interview

interview blog

As an executive recruiter, I interview hundreds of people every year for C-suite and senior executive roles.

Many of these candidates leave the interview feeling unhappy with their performance. It’s frustrating for them and, honestly, it’s frustrating for me to see good people drop out of contention because of a poor interview.

Why companies don’t advertise jobs anymore

Blog 1I’ve worked in the executive recruitment space for more than 12 years now, identifying and engaging C-suite and senior management employees for my clients.

In this time I’ve worked with thousands of candidates and I’m often asked “where did all the job advertisements go?!”

If you’re in the job market right now – or think you soon might be – you need to understand exactly why and how the job market has changed.

How publishing on LinkedIn could help secure your next role – Part 2

Copy of New Picture (2)by Brand Strategist Wendy Pavey*

In the previous article in this series, I discussed how executives who are looking for a new role can publish on LinkedIn to demonstrate knowledge, prove credibility and get noticed.

Publishing can powerfully showcase your knowledge to recruiters, HRs and to key people at your employers of choice, leading straight to a job offer.

Here’s my three step process to developing compelling content that facilitates this.

Confessions of an Executive Recruiter

Job inteview letter resumeFor the last two days I have been short-listing a COO role for one of my clients. Usually I don’t get involved in the recruitment delivery (I have an excellent team who support me in that regard) however because we are so busy, and because the client specifically asked me to, I have managed the candidate pool in this instance.

Considering this is a COO role for a private company, the application rate was extremely high both in terms of quantity and quality. We literally had over 200 candidates apply, which is a pretty staggering number. And of the 200 applicants, at least 40 met the brief and were worthy of further consideration.

Richard Triggs Book has been published

It is with great excitement that we announce that Richard Triggs book “Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to find and win your next Senior Executive role” has been published.


The book is now available on Amazon Kindle, Apple ibooks, Booktopia, Bookdepository, Fishpond and many more around the globe.

To support the launch of the book we are providing a sneak peak with the first chapter below. For every book bought we will make a contribution to children in need and education through our giving partners B1G1.

Always Stand Out … The ultimate formula for your next step in your career

2.5 Hour Information Rich Seminar


The biggest barrier to landing your job of choice with your employer of choice comes down to one simple factor:

It is imperative that you Always Stand Out in a sea of qualified, skilled, hungry and fiercely competitive candidates. If you think “standing out” means a great resume or cover letter, superior interview skills or submitting hundreds of applications, you are wasting your time.