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The continuing utilisation of LinkedIn and internal recruitment teams to directly access talent for senior executive and board vacancies has meant that the hidden job market now accounts for the vast majority of hires (over 90% in our opinion).
In this market, a strong personal brand and the execution of specific strategies to access these opportunities are mandatory for success. Also, having an advocate to leverage in terms of introductions and recommendations for specific vacancies is a significant advantage.
Richard Triggs book, Uncover The Hidden Job Market – How To Find And Win Your Next Senior Executive Role was written specifically to educate people as to how to navigate through this vastly changed employment market. It has gone on to being an Amazon and i-Book best seller.

The challenge for many senior executives and board directors is that you are so busy fulfilling your professional responsibilities on a daily basis, there is little time to prioritise building your brand and networks to access new career opportunities. As a result, whilst you have the technical and leadership skills necessary to deliver in the “jobs of choice” you are attracted to, you may be finding it very difficult to get engagement and consideration from your “employers of choice”.
We have designed a number of Career Accelerator Programs to coach and support you through your job search process, for Executive and/or Non Executive Director roles.

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“In 2015 my CEO role with a technology company was unfortunately made redundant.  Richard advocated for me to the CEO of another company, and they created a C-Suite role to accommodate my skills into the organisation.  It was a great result that  happened very quickly and is a perfect example of “uncovering the hidden job market”Simon

The Arete team and the Executive Coaching Program achieves results. The team …are highly skilled in each of their areas with a style that is refreshing and dedicated for each individual to achieve success. …In the coaching program it was motivating to have each coach passionately prepare you to rapidly succeed with the new techniques. Whilst the team can deliver great profiles of you, it requires a team effort and for you to step-up proactively and market yourself to build targeted ‘personal’ networks upon networks. The program caters for all personality styles including enabling reserved people to shine. The program outcomes for me included a new leadership role in a short time and targeted executive networks with strong bonds to assist in opening mutual doors. Thank you to the Arete team for bringing a timely and innovative executive coaching product to market and your professional and personal styles to enable candidates to achieve”  David

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