Book – Uncover the Hidden Job Market

Uncover the Hidden Job Market

In 2015 Richard Triggs published his first book “Uncover the Hidden Job Market – How to find and win your next senior executive role”.

If you are a Senior Executive wanting to fast track your career to C-Suite and/or Board positions then this book is a must read.

Uncover The Hidden Job Market will fully equip you with the cutting-edge insights you’ll need to navigate and stand out in the new and fiercely competitive executive career marketplace.

Richard Triggs, one of Australia’s leading Executive Career Advisor, will guide you through
case studies, strategies and practical applications that will allow you to:

  • Take a quantum leap in your Board or Executive career
  • Secure your job of choice within Australia’s top companies
  • Uncover hidden and advertised opportunities that you never knew existed
  • Position yourself as a highly sought after executive leader
  • Learn how to fully leverage LinkedIn to build a strong personal brand

Follow Richard’s pragmatic, nothing-left-out strategic advice and you will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your career faster than you ever thought possible.



“2015 –  In reading the book I can personally identify with that character who admitted that he was old school and was depended on advertised roles. Like your friend I have not had much success in the old method. Last week I apprehensively reached out to 5 hiring managers in companies that I would like to work for. What I found amazing is that this has lead to 5 meetings. I was inspired to write to you and also to talk to Fiona about one situation where a COO made a point to me that no one had ever reached out to him in this way. He found my message (adopted from your book) and my follow up was the most professional way that anyone had ever contacted him for the first time. I understand that this is a numbers game and I am at the start of this process but I feel confident of landing the right role. I just wished that I had found your book earlier.” Phil


“A must read for any senior executive who wants to take responsibility for managing their professional career proactively. Whilst many professionals are good at their day jobs, they are lousy at seeking new jobs and promoting their key achievements and transferable skills to prospective employers. Linkedin has changed the recruitment industry forever, Richard Triggs suggests that, “it is in fact dead!”

The book provides a practical set of insights and practices for you to optimise your Linkedin profile and proactively network and research using this social media tool to seek out your next potential job.

I rated the book a four out of five only because some parts were repetitive. However Richard would certainly see the job market differently to job hunters as an experienced executive search recruiter and has most likely been repetitive in his book to get the message across. Often what is common sense is not common practice.

Thanks Richard for reaching out to me personally and sharing your insights. In your words AWESOME!” Evan

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