Arete Executive Panel Discussion with Bec Mac, Tim Dwyer and Martin Moore.

Arete Executive Panel Discussion with Bec Mac, Tim Dwyer and Martin Moore.

Welcome to a new innovation in the Arete Executive Podcast!

This week I’m taking a deep dive discussing a range of subjects with some returning guests on our first Arete Panel Discussion.

Guests this time ‘round include: Bec Mac – presenter producer and media maker, Tim Dwyer – Group Partner at BOB, and Martin Moore – Your CEO Mentor.

In our panel discussions we’ll be covering business and career but from vastly different angles compared to what you would normally expect.

These episodes are longer than usual but with the range of subjects covered it will be like listening to four podcast episodes at once.

Thanks to The Brisbane Club for hosting the group interview in The President’s Room.

Here’s just some of what we covered in this discussion:

  • Far left political correctness movement in the US and its impact on business, in particular senior executive terminations & resignations resulting from comments about gender and race.
  • The relationship between the arts and business and opportunities for greater engagement and cross fertilisation of ideas.
  • The importance of brand, in particular building global organisations in the post “Why/Simon Sinek” era.
  • Leadership and value lead culture
  • The importance of shifting the culture of arts in the corporate sector and how it’s undervalued the power of art in building communities, economy and infrastructure


Quick Links: 

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