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International Speaker, Educator, Author & Global Partner Shirlaws Group – Linzi Boyd – Talks Business & Brand, Street Smarts & Listening to Your Intuition

I sat down with Linzi Boyd when she was in Brisbane from the UK. We were on the rooftop of a hotel on an extremely hot Brisbane day and were melting in the sun, but we had a great conversation and having Linzi on the Arete podcast was a wonderful experience.

Linzi is an expert at executing strategy to build and elevate brands within the global market place.  An International Speaker and TV presenter, Educator, Author of Brand Famous and the youngest female, Global Partner of Shirlaws Group, Linzi is a self confessed serial entrepreneur who established her first business by the age of 18. She went on to open a second business, selling both by the time she was just 24. She grew her second company, a footwear brand, to have seven distribution channels globally. Linzi is also the founder of Surgery Group, a company which has become known for influencing an industry and elevating some of the UK’s most identifiable high-street brands.

After years of working on building and developing brands in May 2014, Linzi published the Number One best seller, Brand Famous – How to get everyone talking about your business (Globally published by Capstone) which the Chartered Institute of Marketing championed, to all its members, as their book of the month.

Born in Leeds in the north of England, Linzi is the only girl of three, she has two older brothers. Linzi was raised in a rag-trade family, both her grandparents worked in fashion and manufacturing, and Linzi recalls spending her childhood reading Vogue.  Her father was a dentist but Linzi was not one for academia and left school at 15. Linzi says she always considered herself “bright in a street way,” and so she began her career in a clothing boutique.  It wasn’t long before her innate business sense and determination saw her managing the store by 16 before going out on her own. Linzi has no formal qualifications in business or marketing but has an infectious energy for her trade. She is certainly someone who learnt from the ground-up and her impressive career is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with passion, motivation and determination.

Today, a Global partner in Shirlaws Group she now works in the Enterprise space taking business owners on a journey to Grow, Fund and Exit their business.  Here, she created BOB’s school to teach businesses how to deliver a bigger business brand value for growth and get them fund ready for scale. Linzi lives in the UK with her husband and young children.


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