Episode 93 – Jamie Wilson – Founder & MD – Your Digital File

Jamie Wilson — Founder and Managing Director of Your Digital File — talks cyber security, the journey, staying focused, honest conversations and taking to the farm.

“Follow your passion, I follow my gut a lot as well. Don’t turn around and second guess it because half the time you come back and think, ‘I should not have done that,’ just keep on driving forward, learn by the lessons.

The challenges somedays that you have in front of you, they will be different tomorrow and you’ll be over that obstacle,” Jamie Wilson.

Launched in March 2014, Brisbane based tech start-up Your Digital File was founded by former accountant Jamie Wilson after he noticed a gap for a niche cyber security product on the global stage. After his father passed away, Jamie had the difficult task of locating and managing his father’s documents, files, and media and chose to search for an online solution that would be easy to locate and manage, highly secure, and able to prevent the same situation from happening again. After a long search, it became clear that no online cloud based product could meet his expectations. His experience led Jamie to collaborate with software security experts to develop Your Digital File and its patented Cryptoloc technology.

Over the past six years, Arete Executive’s Richard Triggs has seen Jamie’s business flourish and sat down with him on the Arete podcast to hear his personal journey and what is a very exciting story of motivation, challenge and perserverance. In 2011, Jamie spent a year travelling the globe, sourcing information and the know-how from experts before returning to Australia, where a fateful encounter with a cafe waitress motivated him to finally develop what is now one of the most superior and unique cyber security products in the world.

“I suppose the reality that came to me and hit me in the face was seeing Dad in his final days and I thought, ‘you know what, there is so much more to life than just money’. So a lot of my challenges these days is to have a look and go is it really that bad? Put your energy in going in the right direction and you attract it to be able to move forward.”


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