Bec Mac Interview – Connecting Business And Art

Bec Mac Interview - Connecting Business And Art

This episode of the Arete Podcast is all about fun as I chat with exuberant entrepreneur and performance-based producer and presenter, Bec Mac.

Best known for her alter ego Aphrodite, Bec writes, produces and presents LOVE TV, interviewing thousands of people on the subject of love. She’s been busy building her live LOVE TV show since the early 2000s, taking it from the streets of Australia to New York City.

Bec also produces and presents Friday NEON on 4ZZZ radio station, a weekly cultural programme featuring artists across all art forms.

She’s also the creator of Popsart, a series of live-to-Facebook interviews with artists and curators with the aim of broadening Australia’s arts audience.

As well as working with city councils around Australia and more recently, further afield in New York, Bec’s working towards developing a model to help the corporate sector deliver its message in a more fun, engaging way.

Episode highlights:

  • What Bec does and want she wants to achieve with Popsart
  • Her goal with Popsart – develop a broader audience for Australian arts
  • How Love TV began – growing from Adelaide to New York City
  • Other work on 4ZZZ radio
  • Early life – growing up in a large Catholic family and her Arts education
  • Growing the business – sponsorships
  • The concept of place attachment and place making
  • Working with Brisbane City Council
  • Building a personal brand – LinkedIn opportunities
  • Developing opportunities to work with the corporate sector
  • How Bec manages her time and attention – the work/family balance
  • Bec’s vision for the future – build Popsart, working with the corporate sector

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