106 – Adam Houlahan Interview – Building The Presence Of Business Executives With LinkedIn

Adam Houlahan Interview - Building The Presence Of Business Executives With LinkedIn

Trying to keep up with the technology of the modern world can be difficult, especially as it becomes more and more vital to the success of any business. Being social media savvy doesn’t come naturally to most CEOs and business executives, but should it be taken more seriously when trying to build your presence?

In this episode I talk all things LinkedIn with Adam Houlahan, Social Media Strategist and Consultant, who shares his secret sauce for bolstering the social media presence of executives worldwide.

Adam’s days of social media consulting began while he was working in the retail industry. He has since gone on to be an Amazon Best Selling Author of social media books and runs a team of over 20, teaching business owners, CEOs and executives to leverage social media. While the company covers all social media platforms, it predominantly focuses on LinkedIn.

The team develops LinkedIn strategies for lead generation, for CEOs and executives to have a high level presence on the platform and for businesses to help them stand out. This is generally done through the key stakeholders of the business, making sure their presence is as high as it can be and is in alignment with the core values of the business.

In addition, Adam runs group-based 12-week programs that help people to position themselves as influencers in any industry. He also offers profile writing services and manages profiles for executives, helping them create content and connect with like-minded people.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Adam’s background in business
  • A brief look into Adam’s services and books – LinkedIn Playbook, Secret Sauce and Influencer
  • How Adam came to be a LinkedIn wizard
  • Why LinkedIn is Adam’s preferred social media platform of choice
  • The main changes of LinkedIn over the years – the power of Microsoft
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s content section
  • Learning the basics of a LinkedIn profile
  • Adam’s tips for writing a winning LinkedIn summary
  • Profile musts – keywords, professional headline, summary
  • The importance of the skills section
  • Tips to improve your endorsements
  • Generating unique content and sharing it regularly – share your expertise
  • Using LinkedIn to recruit – outlining
  • Making sure you’re on the radar for job opportunities
  • How often should you update your LinkedIn status?
  • Blowing your own trumpet – getting the right balance for your content
  • Tips for creating successful LinkedIn job ads
  • Aligning your employees’ LinkedIn profiles
  • Employers – should having a LinkedIn profile be mandatory for employees?
  • Information on Adam’s services – groups, profile writing and profile management
  • Adam’s LinkedIn predictions – live videoing
  • Focus on quality and you’ll always stand out above the noise

Quick Links:

Adam’s Website

Adam’s LinkedIn

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Adam’s Instagram

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